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seismicFX was founded by noted sound guru Chris Julian, an award winning composer/producer, sound editor, and foley artist whose work spans the film, record, and television industries. In genres ranging from film sound, to rock, to hip-hop / R&B, to jazz, Chris has earned an Emmy Award, and dozens of Gold and Platinum records . In the last 24 months seismicFX post sound has been featured in films earning 6 major award wins and 14 major award nominations, including 10 Emmy nominations and 1 Emmy win for A&E’s poignant film, Flight 93. Chris' contributions as studio owner, engineer, programmer, and player have merited his esteemed clients 4 Grammy Nominations.

In the late nineties Chris began focusing on post-production sound. His classical training and experience writing and mixing music of all genres quickly put him in demand. He studied foley with superstar, Alicia Stevenson, and honed his crafts working for many noted supervisors, including Larry Blake, Pat Bietz, Multiple Emmy Award-winner Mark Linden, Emmy Award-winner Harry Snodgrass, and Clancy Troutman. Through the years Chris has contributed his post production sound to dozens of feature films starring actors such as Academy Award Winner, Lee Marvin, Academy Award Winner, Olympia Dukakis, Academy Award Nominee, Elliot Gould, Academy Award Nominee, JoBeth Williams, Naomi Watts, Chevy Chase, Cybil Sheppard, Billy Baldwin, Kathleen Quinlan, Wesley Snipes, Mario Van Peebles, James Van Der Beek, Steven Seagal, Tom Arnold, Linda Hamilton, Joe Mantegna, Edward Furlong, Daniel Baldwin, William Shatner, David Carradine, Tara Reid, Mark Hamill, Elle Fanning, Danny Glover, Michael York, Alexander Nevsky, Beau Bridges, and many more (see: seismicFX/CREDITS for 50 most recent film credits).

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During the eighties and early nineties Chris owned and was the founder of Calliope Productions, a NYC based music production company which among other things, became ground zero for the now legendary East Coast hip-hop movement known as the Native Tongues. Comprised of artists De La Soul, Black Sheep, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, Chi Ali, The Beatnuts, and others, the movement promoted Black roots awareness and a new, progressive, brainy, "hippy" sensibility within the hip hop community. Acclaimed artists David Bowie, Chaka Khan, Deee-Lite, Don Was, Jimmy Webb, Art Garfunkel, Afrika Bambaataa, Vanessa Williams, and David Crosby have worked with Chris, seeking his unique sound and approach to writing, playing, and producing. (See credits for a more complete list).
Also during his years in Manhattan, Chris was the co-owner and co-founder of Bang Music, ( ), a NYC based cutting-edge, youth oriented commercial music production company. Bang, still operating today, continues with the brash
moniker “we’re the commercial music company that doesn’t do commercial music”. With Bang, Chris and his colleagues wrote and produced commercials for Coke, Pepsi, Mercedes Benz, Anheuser-Busch, Ford, Burger King, The American Cancer Society,
Proctor and Gamble, Sony, and a host of other national sponsors.

A native New Yorker now based in Topanga, California Chris is classically trained in voice, trombone, and timpani. He attended Syracuse University from 1975-1979 and earned a BS degree in Television and Radio Production. Chris also plays guitar, keyboards, and bass, and toured as lead singer for six years around the US with his rock band.

Chris' knowledge and experience in arranging, writing and producing music, recording, mixing, and editing film sound effects has kept him in demand. He's as comfortable with a chart for first violin, as he is with a James Brown sample, roaring jets, or monster footsteps in the mud.
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